The Lich

The Lich

a small phylactery containing role-playing ideas and spirit

New Beginnings

This site exists as a consequence of my sister’s need for a webhost for her portfolio and my falling in with a crowd of tabletop nerds and enthusiasts.

Having grown up in Asia, I often found myself the group instigator for gaming activities. I provided the books, the dice, and often the world. I joined an amazing multinational group in high school, held together a fracturing community in college, and hit a wall when I moved to the Philippines. At the time, I thought my gaming days were over.

8 years later, an unexpected revival! I can now unequivocally declare that I am surrounded by some of the most passionate and supportive gamers, designers, and content creators I’ve ever known. Little by little, as their enthusiasm infects me, I’ve been shaking off the dust and shrouds I’ve wrapped myself in, pushing boundaries of comfort: trying con-style one-shot games, writing out and playtesting game settings and designs, blogging again, and creating reviews. It’s wild and it’s scary, but with so many wonderful people at my back, it’s also time.

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