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#RPGaDay Collation Post

So I wrote my #RPGaDay 1 post before actually explaining what was going on. The idea of #RPGaDay came to my attention when it was linked in my main local TRPG chatroom which I share with Philgamer, Nosfecatu, and other hobbyist bloggers. The actual idea behind it — posting once a day on a gaming topic for the whole of August — comes from Runeslinger whose aim is to bring these posts in aggregate to “people that you know are curious about games and gaming” so that they no longer just have to take your word for it — it’ll be everywhere, online, and easily accessible through the use of the #RPGaDay hashtag. While I’d be hard-pressed to call The Lich “easily accessible,” this seems a fun activity to do in community.

For anyone wishing to jump along in (trust me, retroactively is fine too), this is the graphic outlining all the prompts:


And here is the ongoing list of my #RPGaDay posts:

2 Responses to #RPGaDay Collation Post

  1. Don’t give up, there is still time to catch up~

    • I intend to! After I recovered from my whooping 2-3 week sickness, I started up the new academic year and played catch up on my RPG Events group’s planning for 2017 and some new logistics in play that’ll hopefully bring more games and ideas in for our community to enjoy.

      It’s okay if I transcribe the “days” to fit into September? An idea I’ve been toying with to give this some immediacy and momentum again, haha. As long as it is complete, I’ll be pleased, :).


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