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#RPGaDay 6 – Most amazing thing a game group did for their community?

Delay Note: Days 5+ were delayed to match September because I got completely owned by some kind of infectious disease for about a week. Verdict is still out on what it was, but as one of the possible scenarios was dengue, no chances were taken. After that was over, I then played catch-up with my life for the rest of August, which brings us to now.


The funny thing about this story is that the whole idea began with pretty heavy resistance.

Here’s a non-secret: at Gamers and Gamemasters Philippines, we don’t always get along. We have ideological fights sometimes, we have feasibility fights the rest of the time. When Anglekite was first brought up, we had a little of both. Some people didn’t think a Dungeon World game would achieve the pull required to fill the seats needed for a long-con game, others mistook Dungeon World for D&D and didn’t like how we’d be pandering to the mainstream, and another few said (pretty fairly) that we should just make our own content for long-term gaming.  It was an idea that almost didn’t make it out of the meeting and nearly fell off the shelf from general inertia, but it found its champions and became a major focus for our summer program. (April here is summer.)

I spun this tag-line in the marketing —

Copy of G&GApril_small

16 players
4 tables
2 days
1 apocalypse!
Will your decisions save the world or doom it further?

(I still think it should have been called The April Apocalypse. Art was painted by my sister, inspired by Anglekite‘s cover.)

There’s not much I can say else about what actually transpired, sadly, because despite having sat in the planning sessions and almost become the 5th GM to allow more players to join in on Day 2, I missed both days! The first day clashed with my booking for Les Miserables, so all I saw was ingress and egress of the event; and the second I spent last-minute covering for a sick DungeonMaster slated to run a game for the D&D Adventurers’ League (we paired Anglekite with the launch of the Curse of Strahd season). The end of an epic I helped Kickstart! The excitement as the Pyrewurm blazed across the skies! The handing out of certificates I helped create! I missed it all! (But I managed to give a very nice group and a young boy a good time in Barovia, and made amazing friends doing so, so scales balance.) The anguish!

But, even without perceiving the events myself, I knew the excitement in the happy faces after still hanging around and in photographs. I knew that we had helped do a good thing. And when we started seeing other groups make big plans — our host, Ludo Boardgame Bar and Bistro, held successful events for Watch the Skies, and our partners, D&D Adventurers’ League Philippines, put together the first D&D Convention, coined Conclave,  in the country ever — I knew that fighting for Anglekite to exist and giving up what was perhaps my only break in the year was utterly worth it. Anglekite was phenomenal, and so were Watch the Skies and Conclave. The other idea, making our own content, is still in the works and scheduled for next year, and I’m sure that will be awesome also! (Especially if I get to participate this time!)

Ah, but all in all, Nosfecatu tells the story better as the guy who made it happen, so read his side too.



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