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The Lich

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So, it was my birthday.

And now that I am home, it is time to rate this birthday. However, to begin, thank you everyone for your greetings and company today; I am not one to make spectacle of my birthday, but this year your well-wishes were timely and restorative.
Really, thank you.
This was not an easy birthday to step in to, which is unusual. Nominally, I accept my lumps in August and am hardy by September, but events this week which have made where I live a very unsafe and unpleasant environment altered that pattern for the worst. I have done my best to circumvent the issue and to limit my exposure to its cause, but it has affected me nonetheless and made me less charitable toward other people. This also marks the first year in a decade I did not put a primer up for the usual dedication mechanics for my “feast day.”
Reflecting from the end of the day, however, I can truly say the issue is behind me. A course of action is selected, and a great day was had. I spent the beginning watching Apple and Sony press releases, the middle sleeping for nearly the entire day, and the evening in comfortable confine with a group I need not put up aires or defenses around. We played SeaFall, a game that touches much of my desires and sensibilities and is pretty to boot, and achieved much in terms of progression and story. That we embarked upon our 15-game-long campaign of it on my birthday is an honour and privilege I am lapping up and soaking in.

 ‘Lo! The beautiful character portraits of SeaFall!

It has been a day of good sleep, good company, and great greetings. The night before, I had steak with my family; I was sung to over breakfast; I was sung to upon entering the classroom; and I was half-sung to (but received cake also) over long-anticipated board games. Facebook friends worldwide greeted me as did my fictional crewmates in GranBlue Fantasy. It is almost embarrassing how touched I was by the pre-recorded voice-acting; I listened to some again and again in the middle of the night and felt loved by pixels. (Sad.)
So while the start was rough, I can honestly say that this has been a very special birthday. I’d prefer quieter ones as I get older, but this one came when it was needed. So, once again,
Thank you everyone. May all your days feel as special as this one did for me. Why limit ourselves to birthdays, after all?

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